Propane Marketers

With an in depth knowledge of the OTC marketplace, Powerline offers an array of proven and flexible financial products and strategies to help propane marketers compete for customers and protect margins.

With limited exposure and transparency on the public exchanges, effective tools to manage price risk and market volatility are of particular importance in the world of propane marketing.

PropaneMarketerPageImageMore often than at anytime in the past, retail and wholesale marketers of propane are being forced by both competitors and customers alike to maintain forward prices and offer non-traditional means of buying and selling product.

Backing our recommendations and strategy with simple and straight forward research means you don’t have spend valuable time away from the task of running your business. Information and programs are delivered to you in clear and concise terms, and are easily managed on your part. All programs are designed to work alongside customers efforts in the physical or wet barrel side of the marketplace, and do not require any change of supplier or delivery location.

Put our knowledge to work for you!