Powerline Partners with FarmLogs


Powerline is excited to announce we are partnering with FarmLogs…giving our customers access to tools that can help manage their farms a bit more profitably by understanding costs and getting marketing data.

FarmLogs builds and maintains farming software designed to help you execute your production and crop marketing decisions. This allows growers to create a grain marketing plan that seamlessly connects your cost of production to your marketing decisions. See what your crop is worth, analyze different scenarios, and easily track your grain sales. The software is currently in use on over 80 million acres of U.S. farm ground!

As a Powerline customer, you will all be given access to all of their tools (including satellite imagery) for FREE!

When you set up an account, the package we will give you offers access to futures prices, local prices, and the ability to track and report what you are doing on the farm, as well as mapping, activity recording, and weather tracking.

 If you are willing to set up the Marketing Tool they offer (one which we are particularly excited about – example below) and provide product feedback for them, they will also give you free satellite imagery for your whole farm, with no acreage limits, for the season at no cost.

As a special benefit, FarmLogs has also assCapture2igned Allie Cobb, Manager of Partner Grow, on their staff as the exclusive liaison to Powerline customers. She will be the main point of contact for our group, and will help us/you get your accounts set up, and then can give you a call to walk you through it and help you get set up, so you can get your imagery.

We’re very excited about the tools they are offering, and are also very excited to be able to get you those tools for no cost just for being part of the Powerline family. Take a look at the attached overview for additional information, or see www.farmlogs.com. To get started, you can contact anyone in our office – or feel free to reach out to Allie direct, (734)864-0088 or allie@farmlogs.com.


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