Natural Gas Users/Consumers

Powerline acts for its natural gas clients not as a price prediction service, but rather a resource and advocate for common sense approaches to protecting procurement budgets and managing upside price risk in periods of extreme volatility.

Working with a host of users ranging from utilities and manufacturing concerns, to property management firms and municipalities, Powerline provides solid and straightforward solutions to managing your firm’s natural gas needs.

natgasAs one of the most volatile of all energy products, price swings over a quarterly or annual budgeting period in natural gas can make even the best of projections look very bad in hindsight. Our programs are designed to work in conjunction with, and as a compliment to, your firm’s efforts in the physical fuel arena. Whether you’re working with a utility or third party marketer, Powerline can help structure programs that afford you the flexibility to protect against periods of rising prices, while maintaining the ability to take advantage of lower values over time.


If you’re tired of playing the “guessing game” of prices and when to contract, let Powerline show you a better way!