Fleet Managers

From Trucking Companies to Railroads…Airlines to Commercial Marine & Barge operators, Powerline is a recognized provider of price risk management and budget protection services to the transportation industry.

A truck driver is standing in a large parking lot in front of several large trucks. He is facing the camera, and he is wearing a short-sleeved blue shirt, blue jeans, a brown belt and a gray hat. He is holding a black tablet with his left hand. There are six big rigs seen lined up behind him, going from left to right. The large trucks all look the same, being all white and having silver grills and mirrors. There are multiple cars seen parked to the right of the trucks. A cloudy blue sky is seen in the background.

We can bundle physical fuel risk over a number of different geographic locations across the country into one, simple-to-track and easy-to-monitor program of fuel price protection.

Powerline programs provide simple solutions for complex budgets, and run in conjunction with — and on top of — efforts to reduce fuel prices in the physical or wet barrel market.

These programs are designed to help fleet operators protect against fuel price volatility and defend operating budgets for as many as 12-24 months into the future on diesel fuel and distillates.

Our conservative approach allows for a fuel price risk management program to be managed as standalone project for the treasury/budget department, or as a fully integrated part of your ongoing efforts by procurement managers.

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