Farmers & Ranchers

Powerline programs help Farmers and Ranchers manage exposure to volatile commodity prices & enhance operating margins for production agriculture. 

The stakes in production agriculture are at all-time highs. Land prices, cash rents, crop inputs, and machinery costs are skyrocketing. At the same time, price volatility for corn, soybeans, wheat…cattle, hogs and poultry has exploded. Per acre
(per head) profit and loss calculations can swing wildly in a matter of only days.

That makes managing grain or livestock marketing one of the toughest jobs you have as a farmer.

We can help.

We develop programs for agribusiness clients with many of

the tools previously only available to large commercial operators. Let us show you how to utilize futures, options, and OTC contract structures alongside your cash grain marketing and crop revenue insurance to strengthen YOUR bottom line!

Powerline is not about predicting prices – we’re about exploring and educating our customers on the availability and implementation of price risk management (hedging) tools that allow you to manage your commodity price risk and protect your profits.

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