Ag & Fuel Cooperatives

With roots in both farming and the commercial grain industry, Powerline’s team has a unique understanding of the needs of both agricultural and fuel cooperatives.

Walters, Oklahoma USA - May 26, 2011: Farmer Fueling Up His Tractor. American farmer in Oklahoma putting fuel into his blue New Holland tractor which has a green John Deere plow behind it. Tractor has been plowing a field where wheat was just harvested.

Managing fuel price risk and meeting the needs of member patrons requires a special approach inside the cooperative setting. With focused attention to spring and fall diesel fuel, retail and card-lock sales of gasoline, and seasonal irrigation and grain drying, Powerline exerts attention to the needs of cooperative managers who often have to deal with commodity price risk on a number of different fronts.

Additional insight into the fertilizer, natural gas and agronomy sectors have also proven to be a valuable resource to our cooperative customers.

Whether dealing with your own in house margins, or offering specialized fuel contracts to help member patrons deal with price risk/volatility, Powerline offers simple and practical programs to meet the needs of today’s integrated cooperative.