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Welcome to Powerline. Thanks for visiting our web portal. Today’s commodity markets represent some of the most difficult, challenging… and at times frustrating, contract markets to be found anywhere in the financial services industry. While those conditions put many less experienced hedgers and investors at peril, they also create rich rewards and enhanced performance for those who can steer the path and stay ahead of the crowd. At Powerline, our sole purpose  is to help clients successfully navigate the ups and downs of an ever changing commodity market landscape. Our hedging and investment programs are specifically tailored to meet the needs of clients across a broad spectrum of physical hedging and capital management roles.  


Our approach is simple: we focus only on our clients bottom line. Powerline is by design, an independent platform of advice, consulting and execution for the benefit of our clients –and only our clients. We are not tied to a large bank, bound by an institutional mandate, or subject to the whims of a far away corporate ownership when it comes to how best to manage our client’s funds. Our actions are 100% reflective of the unique challenges each of our customers face. Whether you are a commodity producer, consumer or reseller – or an individual or institutional investor – Powerline offers an experienced, professional staff of advisors capable of formulating solutions specific to your individual circumstance.   



The core of the Powerline Group is composed of principals, and long time business partners, David Chatterton and Darren Dohme. These managing partners represent over  50 years of combined experience in commodity trading/hedging and investment management. Unlike other brokerage firms, they structured Powerline to work collectively for the benefit of the client. As such, all of our associates work as a team, rather than as individual advisors, for the benefit of our clients. 



Our responsibility to our clients is to take the groups collective experience in managing price risk & market volatility, and turn that into simple, sound, and practical programs that help enhance the customer’s bottom line. Our goal in launching Powerline was to combine some of the industry's strongest proprietary research and analysis, alongside a platform of access to many of the industry's largest and most well known providers of both exchange based and OTC financial instruments. Those elements, combined with our customer centered mission statement, form the basis for Personal Relationships that lead to Powerful Results!


Commodity trading is risky. Powerline assumes no liability for the use of any information contained herein. The information  and opinions contained herein comes from sources believed to be reliable, but are not guaranteed as to accuracy or completeness. The risk of loss in trading futures and/or options is substantial. Each investor must consider whether this is a suitable investment. When trading futures and/or options, it is possible to lose more than the full value of your account. All funds committed should be risk capital. Past performance is not  necessarily indicative of future results.

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